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Molly Jane Nicholas is a Ph.D. student studying Human Computer Interaction with Eric Paulos in the Computer Science department at UC Berkeley. She is particularly interested in exploring how the performing arts and technology can combine in new and interesting ways. Previously, she worked for two years as a Software Engineer at Qualcomm, where she developed FIRST Robotics’ new robotics platform. She has also been a dancer, worked as a puppeteer with Liebe Wetzel's Lunatique Fantastique, and trained circus arts at the Clown Conservatory. Molly Jane received her B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley with a double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science in 2014.

news and updates

The project page for our TEI 2018 paper Häiriö is up! As is our Instructable :) Hooray for Open Source! 19 Mar 2018
Arrived in Sweden! Brrrr! Excited for our presentation and demo at TEI. 16 Mar 2018
Honored to be funded by the amazing Berkeley Center for New Media to present at TEI and CHI! 6 Mar 2018
My class project in collaboration with César, Sarah, Eric, and Richard was accepted to DIS 2018! 5 Mar 2018
SO excited about my Information Visualization and Needs and Usability Assessment classes this semester!! 22 Jan 2018
Taking a well-deserved break! No email or work-related projects for me :) See you in the spring! 15 Dec 2017
Our latest project conditionally accepted to CHI 2018! 11 Dec 2017
Enjoyed the SWARM Lab retreat 11 Nov 2017
Our latest project conditionally accepted to TEI 2018! 19 Oct 2017
Finished up my summer research working with the wonderful Medical Clown Project! 26 Aug 2017
Passed prelims! See my blog for notes. 22 Aug 2017
Paper rejected from UIST :( 22 May 2017
Our paper won a Best Paper Award at CHI!!! 07 May 2017
Illumination Aesthetics, work on exposing light as a material, was accepted to CHI 2017! 16 Jan 2017
Joined the Designated Emphasis in New Media program 11 Nov 2016
Excited to pursue my Ph.D. at UC Berkeley working with Eric Paulos! 12 April 2016
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Achievement Rewards for College Scientists I'm honored to be supported by the ARCS Foundation.

updated Mar 20, 2018