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Human hair is a cultural material, with a rich history displaying individuality, cultural expression and group identity. It is malleable in length, color and style, highly visible, and embedded in a range of personal and group interactions. As wearable technologies move ever closer to the body, and embodied interactions become more common and desirable, hair presents a unique and little-explored site for novel interactions. In this paper, we present an exploration and working prototype of hair as a site for novel interaction, leveraging its positionas something both public and private, social and personal,malleable and permanent. We develop applications and inter-actions around this new material in HäirIÖ: a novel integration of hair-based technologies and braids that combine capacitive touch input and dynamic output through color and shape change. Finally, we evaluate this hair-based interactive technology with users, including the integration of HäirIÖ within the landscape of existing wearable and mobile technologies.

An amazing meme created by @Kirgan_S on Twitter.

We presented this work, along with a wearable demo at TEI 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. It was so fun sharing our research with everyone!

dramatic style change with hairio circuit hairio braid in context
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