Chi2018 Trip Report

The theme of this year’s CHI was “Engage”. This time, I was lucky enough to be on both sides of engagement: I was enriched by many wonderful presentations, but I also had the amazing opportunity to share our work with the scholars in attendance. We were part of a session on Tangible, Embodied, and Wearable Interaction that included great work from Berkeley’s own Kimiko Ryokai on designing interfaces that capture and represent laughter.

Part of being a 2nd year graduate student is learning to develop your intuition about what makes good research. I operationalize this at conferences by carefully choosing which presentations I attend. Here are a subset of my favourite talks at this years CHI:

There were so many more presentations about fresh new work: from design inquiries into our relationships with everyday objects to an awesome pop-up workshop in an alt.chi session critiquing the conservative ACM establishment. While it can be huge and overwhelming, my experience at CHI this year was intriguing, inspiring, and invigorating. I look forward to next year :)

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