A Circus adaptation of Alice in Wonderland: Created and Performed by the Advanced Training Program of the Clown Conservatory of the San Francisco Circus Center

Directed by Jeff Raz, Veteran Cirque Du Soleil Performer

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland have never before been told like this…with clowns, acrobats, jugglers, and musicians. When Alice searches for a way back home, she will meet the caterpillar, the white rabbit, and she will have to escape from the dreaded Queen of Hearts. You may think you know this classic story, but hold on to your hats, because this world premiere created by master clown Jeff Raz of Cirque Du Soleil for the Advanced Training Program of the Clown Conservatory and produced by Active Arts will be the wildest, craziest trip to Wonderland you’ve ever taken! Ages 6+

“THAT WAS AN AMAZING PERFORMANCE!!!! ….They are SOOO TALENTED! Play music, sing, act, dance, juggle, do magic, acrobatics and stunts….THESE GUYS DO EVERYTHING!!!! My kids and teachers were SO IMPRESSED by their talent and the FANTASTIC show!!!! …. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of your hard work on this. We LOVE this program! THANK YOU!!!!”” –Shirley, from Otis School, Alameda, CA

© 2019 / Molly Jane Nicholas / email

© 2019 / Molly Jane Nicholas / email