Chicken Stock: A Fowl Play

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Using plastic bags, plastic forks, foam, and even bare skin, the award winning Lunatique Fantastique ensemble tells the epic story of the Avian Flu from the birds’ point of view.

Chicken Stock, expertly told by Lunatique Fantastique’s team of found-object puppeteers, is the uncanny story of avian influenza as seen through the eyes of domesticated birds and migratory water fowl. Using newspaper, plastic bags and plastic forks, the animators bring the Henpeck and Mallard family to amazing life as they encounter the deadly flu. The emotions evoked by these puppets, created from everyday objects, will both surprise and haunt you.

Written by Jeff Raz and Liebe Wetzel with the Lunatique Fantastique ensemble.

Directed by Jeff Raz Object Choreography by Liebe Wetzel Object Animation by Lunatique Fantastique Music by Shinji Eshima

”A stunning tribute to creativity.” Contra Costa Times

”A remarkably clever and moving form of visual poetry.” San Francisco Bay Guardian

“[Liebe’s] work strikes an instant chord with audience members.” SF Weekly

© 2023 / Molly Jane Nicholas / email

© 2023 / Molly Jane Nicholas / email